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What is a Condensate pipe

Condensing boilers require an additional pipe to carry away waste water that the boiler produces. This is called the condensate pipe, it is a plastic pipe underneath the boiler and runs to your household drainage. Sometimes this pipe will be on a outside wall and it will go to a drain.

How do i know if the condensate pipe is frozen

A Frozen condensate is one of the most common winter problems with condensing boilers. If part of your condensate pipework is outside, then in very cold weather it may freeze. This could cause your boiler to stop working. You might hear a gurgling noise coming from the boiler and if your boiler has a digital display, you might see an ‘EA’ error code too. There’s no need to worry if your condensate pipe freezes,You can usually thaw it safely just watch this video. If your unsure or think you might need help then give us a call on 01344 550466.


Mr B contacted us his old warm air unit had been turned off because of a gas leak, he wanted us to provide a quotation for a new worcester boiler.

We carried out a survey and discussed the options available. Mr B  decided on a Worcester Greenstar 2000 30kw combination boiler which was more than adequate for the heating and hot water demands.

The old Warm air unit was decommissioned and hot water cylinder removed.

The pipework in the airing cupboard had to be altered to suit the new boiler, and the old hot water cylinder removed. We also fitted a Greenstar system filter to protect the boiler and a Worcester comfort 2 Thermostat. Pipework was run into each room and 6 new radiators were fitted the system was powerflushed and an inhibitor was put into the system to condition and protect the water.

Mr B will now get a 6 years manufacturer backed guarantee  from Worcester  and peace of mind his boiler will be good for years.

If you would like us to provide a free quotation for a New Worcester boiler in Windsor, contact us now at [email protected] 

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These handy videos may help you if you experience problems with your Worcester boiler. If you need our help then please contact us on 01344 550466


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